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Bra Size:  34C    

Julianne Kissinger was born on the 9th October 1992, in Stockton, California USA. She is a model who has posed for Playboy Magazine, Maxim, and has a huge Facebook following. Her photo shoot on the bed with the red ribbon is one of my personal favorite photos on the site! This is the perfect Christmas gift and I would love to unwarp this one myself!!! Merry Christmas!!

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One candle and all is well, soon it will be eight bells and Christmas! A time to remember the past, and contemplate future, as for the present it is not so great right now but time and tides will change all! Happy Holidays!


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If you have any vital statistics please let us know by Sending Model Information. If you are a model on our site or wish to be added to our site please contact us and we will be happy to publish your information and some of your images! We find a lot of models like Yulia Zhukova which we would love to add to our site but cannot find any information about them so if you are a model it's a free advertisement for you if you contact us and give us your information. So, please let us know if you would like to be added to our site. We would consider it an honor to add you to our site so please contact us!

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