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Russian soldiers have been condemned to the worst death imaginable. Russian soldiers were given orders to dug trenches in the Red Forrest. No country who cares for there own countrymen would never ask them to dig trenches in radiated ground. Just breathing in the dust is a death sentence and potassium iodide can't even save the units in this area. Any commander giving this order had to be insane.

Please, to all Russian soldiers and citizens there is no honor in killing the innocent and unarmed. You want to be a proud important country this cannot happen by killing innocent women and children. The president of Ukraine is Jewish so what you have been told is lies. Don't take my word for it look it up for yourself on a VPN. Ask another important question probably the most important ever, why has all media and journalist been silenced or jailed if your cause is just? Your leaders want to keep you in the dark about the real truth please find out for yourselves. If your cause was just then you would have the world helping your cause like during World War II but why is that not the case? The truth is out there and you know what is right and what is wrong. How could Ukraine pose a threat to Russia, ask yourselves does that make any since? Your country has nuclear weapons, think it is a guarantee of your security and sovereignty does Ukraine have nuclear weapons you all know they do not so what does your president want? Land, ports, or genocide of the Ukrainian people please ask yourselves what is the real reason for attacking your brother?